Military Models

Marching Officer with Flag
"SS Polizei NCO
Non Commissioned Officer inspecting his men"
"SS Man Marching with Rifle (Winter Dress)
SS Man in winter parade dress marching with rifle"
"SS Officer Marching with Sword
Marching SS Officer in winter parade dress"
"SS Standard Bearer Marching
Marching Standard Bearer with National Flag in winter parade dress"
"SS Officer at Attention
SS Officer at Attention with sword drawn in winter parade dress"
"SS Man Presenting Arms
SS Man presenting arms with rifle and in winter parade dress"
"LAH Recce Truck
This Krupp 'Protze' truck was used by the Reconnaissance Company of the Leibstandarte as their principle vehicle. Here, in parade mode it comes with a seated driver. standing officer and 4 sitting riflemen."
"Reichsleiter Martin Bormann
'The Brown Eminence' - was a major power behind the scenes in the Third Reich. Here he appears in SS uniform - many top Nazi officials were given 'honorary' ranks in the SS by Himmler himself."
"SS Polizei Presenting Arms
Carrying the K98 Mausser with bayonet fixed"
Algemeine SS Officer Saluting
"SS Polizei General
SS - Polizei General Kurt Daluege head of the Ordingspolizei"
Algemeine SS Man Standing
"Reichminister Rudolf Hess
Hitler's Deputy, he flew to Scotland in 1941 to try and seek a peace settlement and spent the rest os his life in Spandau Prison."
"Feldmarschall Werner von Blomberg
Pre war Army Chief of Staff"
"SA Chief of Staff Viktor Lutze
The SA was put into the careful hands of Viktor Lutze after the death of Ernst Rohme, under the careful eyes of Himmler and Heydrich."
"Reichsmarschall Herman Goering
Our second version of the extravagant and exuberant Herman Goring"
"Grossadmiral Karl Donitz
Donitz was a former WW I U boat Captain, however for much of WW II he was in charge of all U boats"
Fife & drum band (9 figures)
German drummer
"LAH Motorcycle Combo
Two-man motorcycle combination in parade dress of the LAH 's Reconnaissance Company"
Marching Algemeine Officer
"SA Standard Bearer Marching
Carrying a Nazi Flag over his right shoulder"
"SA Officer Marching
In a SA uniform of tunic and breeches this marching officer is also saluting."
"Feldmarschall von Rundstedt
Although never a Party member, von Runstedt as an Army General was frequently present at Party Rallies. Here he gives a proper 'Army' salute"
"Hitler Jugend, National Flag Bearer Marching
A slightly plump young HJ youth carries the National HJ Flag - Red and White strips surmounted by a white diamond with black swastika."
"Hitler Jugend, Standing Drummer
Beating rhythmically on his traditional medieval-style drum, this young HJ youth was another familiar sight at pre-war Nuremburg Rallies."
"Hitler Jugend, Standing Bugler
Bugle aimed at the sky this HJ Musician calls his comrades to 'parade'."
"SS Motorcycle Escort
An LAH SS motorcyclist to accompany the Fuhrer's six wheel Mercedes"
"Hitler Jugend, Black Flag Bearer Marching
The other HJ Flag - the single 'Rune' a gift from SS Reichsfuhrer Himmler to the HJ. He saw the HJ as the perfect breeding ground for the future generations of SS men."
"SS Polizei Standard Bearer
At attention carrying the Party Banner"
"Marching Algemeine SS Man
The Algemeine SS or General SS were recruited all over Germany and served the Party on a fulltime or parttime basis."
"Mounted Napoleon and Mameluke
Napoleon mounted on “Marengo”, his favourite horse, wears the uniform of a Colonel in Chief of the Old Guard. His trusty Mameluke servant stands nearby."
Marching Algemeine with Standard
"Oath Taking Ceremony
While a Standard Bearer holds the LAH Banner horizontally two new LAH recruits, one hand on the flag, one raised, take the blood oath of loyalty to the Fuhrer."
Wehrmacht Mounted Officer
Wehrmacht Marching Officer
Wehrmacht Flag Bearer
Panzer Mk 1 Set
Imperial Guardsman with Rifle Marching
"SS Polizei Officer with Sword
At Attention with Sword Drawn on Parade"
"Dr Goebbels
Hitlers Propaganda Minister and a particularly nasty little Nazi with a big mouth."
"Panzer Meyer's Command Vehicle
This Sdkfz251/6 Halftrack is the personal command vehicle of Oberfuhrer Kurt 'Panzer' Meyer commander of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend after the death of Brigadefuhrer Fritz Witt on the 16th June 1944 at Caen."
"Mounted General Dorsenne
""Le beau Dorsenne"" – handsome Dorsenne – was one of the most famous officers of the Imperial Guard and one of its bravest."
"'The Russians are Coming'
A ""Volksturm"" officer with his MP44 leads a mixed group of ""Volksgrenadier"" (with schmeisser) and another with rifle and grenade. The fourth ""Volksturm"" is nearvously kneeling, rifle in one hand...grenade in the other."
"'Anti Tank Gun Set'
Two ""Volksgrenadiers"" man a small 37mm Anti-Tank Gun Specially modified to fire the Panzerfaust rocket. Another kneeling Grenadier is shoulder-firing the same weapon."
"King Tiger and Crew
The most powerful tank of World War Two complete with a typical late war paint finish (and rust stains) plus three visible tank crew."
"'Puma Armoured Car'
The 8-wheel armoured assault vehicle upgunned with a short-barrel 75mm gun. Our model is again in a late-war camo finish and comes with two standing SS crew figures."
King Tiger
Normandy Panther Ausf G
"German 105 Assault Gun
This Assault Gun was built on the chassis of a French Hotchkiss tank and mounted with a 105 mm howitzer gun. Complete with a 3 man crew and painted in Normandy Campaign camouflage, the markings are of the Wehrmacht's famous 'Panzer "
88mm Gun
"'Commander's Conference'
Four Waffen SS officers meet together to discuss the tactical situation. Obestgruppenfuhrer 'Sepp' Dietrich of the 1st SS Panzer Corps together with Brigadefuhrer Fritz Witt, Commanding Officer of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend plus two"
"88mm Gun Crew [Set A]
A set of Waffen SS gunners look perfect manning the 88mm gun."
"Winter Hummel
This large camouflged assault gun on a Panzer IV chassis comes with 4 crew."
"Gepard Flakpanzer 38(T)
A snow camouflaged single 20mm flak gun mounted on a Czech chassis, with 4 crew"
"Kettenkraftrad (Halftrack Motorcycle)
The 'Kettenrad' halftrack motorcycle was used on all fronts. This winterized version is being used to lay field telephoine cable and complete with 3 figures."
"Winter MG42 Set
Three cold-looking German 'Soldaten' man their MG42"
"Gen Hasso von Manteuffel
Commanded the famous 'Grossdeutschland' Division in 1944, standing next to his tripod-mounted telescope"
"'Moving Forward'
Kneeling rifleman covers his colleague as he moves forward with his machine pistol ready."
"Prepare to Fire
A kneeling officer prepares to give the order to fire to a standing sniper"
Two German 'Feldgendarmes' have stopped their motorcycle to conduct a 'spot check' on all passing vehicles. The driver sits astride his bike, whilst his dismounted partner flags down all vehicles."
"Motorcycle Combination
A favorite form of transport for the German Forces in WW II. The BMW motorcycle has a driver and passenger on a scouting reconnaissance, both from the 12th Hitlerjugend Division."
"Katyusha Rocket Launcher
The vehicle in the fixed-firing mode, comes with a Berlin road sign and a great Red Army soldier celebrating Berlin's destruction with a few bottles of Brandy and his accordion."
Imperial Guardsman with Rifle Advancing
Hitler Staff Car: 6 Wheel Mercedes with saluting Hitler, Chauffer, SS Adjutant and 3 SS Bodyguards
Imperial Guardsman Drummer Marching
Mounted Horse Artilery Officer
Empress Dragoon Guidon Bearer
4th Dragoon of the Line Charging with Sword
4th Dragoon of the Line with Pistol
Empress Dragoon Fighting with Sword
"Jagdpanther V
The tank is in a superb late-war camouflage scheme. Side skirts partially protect its track and road wheels and its front is sand-bagged for extra protection. Two crew figures complete the set."
"T34/85 Tank Set
Tank upgunned with the 85mm gun. In addition, it has been ""field-adapted"" with old iron bedframes to act as anti-panzerfaust screens. Two Russian crew figures fill out the set."
"SA Man Marching
A typical SA Storm Trooper in full marching order with pack on back and left hand gripping his waist belt"
"Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel
Rommel stands proud and defiant in his Afrika Corps uniform. A portrait in miniature to a noble enemy"
"'MG34 Gun Set' Machine Gunner and 3 Wehrmacht Soldiers
A lying prone machine-gunner takes aim while his section leader observes the enemy. Two riflemen make up the set"
"'Attack' 4 Wehrmacht Soldiers Attacking
An NCO indicates the enemy while a kneeling rifleman takes aim and two others rush forward"
'Sturmgeschutz IV' With Commander, Machine Gunner and Kneeling Grenadier
"'Advance to Attack'
Led by a pistol carrying officer three SS Panzer Grenadiers cautiously move forward. Great detailed colouring on their camouflage smocks and jackets"
"'Prepare to Ambush'
Two German figures with panzerfausts plus a kneeling firing trooper and a standing firing rifleman – check out his sniper scope on his Gewehr 43 rifle"
"'MG 42 Gun Group'
A kneeling MG42 gunner steadies his weapon on the shoulder of his no. 2. A lying prone gun group commander raises his head to better observe the effect of their fire. In support is a kneeling rifleman"
"SdKfz7 Prime Mover Halftrack
The famous SdKfz7...the 8 ton half track which was designated as the Prime Mover for the flak gun. The set includes a driver and a standing Waffen SS NCO"
"'Support Section'
Lying prone our gunner fire his belt-fed M1910 Maxim Machine Gun. Kneeling behind him an expert sniper picks off enemy officers. Two fur-hatted Russian soldiers (one an NCO) complete the set."
"M8 'Greyhound' Armoured Car
Mounting a 37mm gun with a vehicle commander, a driver and two standing 82nd Airborne troopers giving directions."
"Bren Gun Carrier 3rd Inf Div
The carrier, in the markings of the British 3rd Infantry Division, is manned by two typical ""Tommies""."
King Tiger with Henschel Turret. The new 'big cat' has the alternative 'Henschel Turret' as opposed to the 'Porsche' one. Faded three-tone camouflaged and battle-worn King
Wehrmacht soldier
Michael Wittman
Muslim Yugo collaboration
Field soldier
"General Dwight D. Eisenhower
A portrait in miniature of the supreme Allied Commander on D.Day standing in a typical pose."
"4 Man Attack Patrol '3rd Infantry Div'
A 4-man attack patrol in action"
Four Waffen SS grenadiers rush across an enemy observed road. Their late war mix 'n' match uniforms and equipment are typical of that stage of the war.
"'Flank Attack' 4 82nd Airborne Troopers
Four 82nd Airborne guys go into a flanking assault."
"Grille SP Gun Set
Mounted on a Czech 38T tank chassis this 10.5cm howitzer. White-washed camouflage with 2 full–bodied crew figures well–wrapped up against the winter weather."
"'M4 A3 Sherman 105'
The late war M4A3 Sherman is mounting a 105mm howitzer gun. It comes complete with 3 crewfigures, a variety of extra stowage items plus a fully elevating gun."
"On The Beach (A) 4 2nd Rangers
A 4-man fire support section a lying prone rifleman is next to a BAR gunner, giving covering fore is a kneeling rifleman. Another advancing Ranger rifleman completes the set."
"Dodge 3/4 ton Weapons Carrier and Water Trailer.
Weapons Carrier with a driver and an extra Paratrooper plus a removable load of AMMO and supplies and the water trailers. They are all in 101st markings."
M18 "Hellacat" tank destroyer with 2 figures
"Churchill Tank and 2 Crew 3rd Btn Scots Guards
One of the 6th Guards Tank Brigade's Churchills. It's in the markings of the 3rd Btn. Scots Guards and aptly named ""DUNKIRK"" it also has ""Winston's Revenge!"" chalked on the side of the turret"
"'Command Set'
Brigadier Lord Lovat, the most famous Commando leader, and his command section. With him are his personal bagpiper, Bill Millin, a radio operator and his sergeant body-guard."
"'Gun Group' Bren Gunner and 3 other Commandos in Action
A lying prone Bren gunner backed up by three other ""in action"" Commandos armed with Lee Enfield rifles and a ""Tommy gun""."
"SA Chief Ernst Rohm
The notorious Rohm, destined to meet an untimely end, is depicted in his dress SA uniform. The pose is based on a famous photograph."
"'Covering Fire' 4 101st Airborne Troopers
Four 101st Airborne troopers provide fire support for their buddies."
Rommel's Desert Horch. Transport vehicle with 3 figures
Focke-Wulf FW190 Dora
Desert Panzer Patrol tank camouflaged, 2 crew members
Machine gun set, 4 figures
Desert Panzer Mk IV. The Panzer IV was the work-horse tank of the German Army – Rommel could never get enough of them
Desert Transport SdKfz 11. German Halftrack, SdKfz 11, a 3 ton Artillery Tractor, that can haul most anti tank guns and artillery. Complete with Afika Korps driver and a standing vehicle commander.
Rommel's Greif Command Half-track. Rommel's own personal Greif Command Half- track, includes a Radio Operator, standing Afika Korps NCO and Rommel himself.
The Panzer MkII comes with an aerial recognition flag, AK Tank Commander and 3 Italian 'Blackshirt' Infantry.
"The Elefant
Armed with the all powerful 88mm gun in a typical 3 colour late war camouflage with 2 figures"
Desert Tiger Tank. 'The Tunisian Tiger' an early Tiger with a 5 man crew........ 3 of which are full body.
"Staghound Armoured Car 12th Monitoba Dragoons
The Staghhound was designed and built by the Americans but used exclusively by the Brits and Canadians! Our model is the Canuck version and marked up as one of the 12th Manitoba Dragoons vehicles complete wit"
USA rifle section, 4 figures
BBA02 "Support Group" provides the platoon with extra fire power… a .30 cal machine gun is backed by a “bazooka guy” plus two additional riflemen.
This particular Halftrack mounts an 81mm Mortar in the rear and comes with 3 full crew figures.
M10 Tank Destroyer with snow camouflage and 4 crew (2 fixed).
A .30 calibre machine gun set with 3 GI's
Sherman M4A3 with long 76mm gun. A General officer and one of aides is giving the crew a dressing down on their slovenly appearance and their 'sand-bagged' tank. Set includes 5 Sherman crew plus the General and his staff officer.
"M3A1 Scout Car
This little four-weeled Scout Car in olive-drab is in US markings and comes complete with a driver, radio operator and a standing vehicle commander"
Winter bazooka team with 2 figures
AK Motorcycle Combo with 2 figures
Haupsturmfuhrer Joachim Peiper Reichsfuhrer Himmler's Adjutant
Winston Churchill
"The Amtrack Set
A brand-new LVT4 Amtrack complete with two .50 cal and two .30 cal machine guns. Typical Iwo Jima camouflage paint scheme with an adjustable rear ramp allowing for easy troop access"
"Reichmarschall Hermann Goering
Hitler's Luftwaffe Chief and confidante. The portly Hermann, loved to dress up and designed all his own uniforms. Here, he salutes with his Marshall's baton."
Il Duce Benito Mussolini
SS Officer presenting with sword
SS Officer at attention
SS Rifleman presenting arms
SS Rifleman standing at attention
LRDG 30 cwt. Chevrolet Uncamouflaged
SS Officer marching with sword
US pilot standing
Standartefuhrer Karl Wolf Himmler's Chief of Staff
Reinhard Heydrich, Himmler's Deputy and Chief of the SD
'Sigrune' Leibstandarte's own Drumhorse
SS Standard Bearer at attention
SS Bulger
SS General saluting
"Opel Blitz Tuck (Normandy Version)
The famous and ubiquitous German truck of WW2. In 'Normandy' camouflage, includes seated driver, removable rear canvas, fully detailed cab interior."
Lamposts[2] 1930 Style, one with Nazi Banner the other with a SS Banner
SS Standard Bearer marching
"Fallschirmlager Bugler
Bugles are simple and easy to use on the Battlefield to help and organize widely dispersed landing forces"
"M5 Stuart Tank Set
M5 Normandy Stuart Tank with 3 crew complete with 'Hedge Cutters' to break through the Normandy bocages"
"M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage
Artillery piece with no less than 5 full-bodied artillery men to man the gun. Mounted on a Sherman Tank Chassis the 155mm gun was originally of French design. Adapted and improved by the U.S Army the heavy artillery piece saw "
General Omar Bradley
"General James Gavin 82nd Airborne
The youngest divisional commander in the U.S Army during WWII. Gavin was only 37 at the time of the Normandy and "" Market Garden"" jumps. He also enjoyed a very successful post -war military and civilian career. Here, he "
M24 Chaffee Tank in an Olive Drab camouflage....nicknamed 'Rebel Rouser' is ideal for action in early 1945
"Cromwell Mk IV Tank
Providing armour support during the Normandy campaign was one of Britain's best tanks. Our Cromwell is from the Welsh Guards of the Guards Armoured Div although this division did not land until D Day +11 it took part in some of the hea"
Desert British soldiers
Field Marshall Montgomery
"'Running for Cover'
Two Marine Riflemen provide covering fire two other marines, one with a BAR, race for cover."
"Mortar Team
Two Fallschirmjagers provide mortar support with their small, portable leGrW36 weapon."
RAF Bedford QL Fuel Bowser UK Version
"'Prisoner and Escort'
A well armed Fallschirmjager brings in his British prisoner-of-war"
"Anti Tank Gun Set
3 Fallschirmjagers operate an air-portable 37mm anti tank gun"
"Motorcycle Combo
A highly mobile 'fire team' on their BMW add extra fire support to the assault"
"Dispatch Rider
Typical Fallschirmjager on his bike"
"German Kubelwagen
The VW Kubelwagen comes complete with seated Driver, standing General and his Adjutant."
"Wehrmacht Officer with Bino's
Standing German officer with binoculars"
"Return of the Stug
Sturmgeschutz III Ausf B, early war version with the snub-nosed 75mm gun and 2 crew figures. Plus a French Costoms barrier / sign and a dead Poilu."
"Blitzkrieg Panzer Mk IV
This model is ideal for the 'Fall of France' or the 'Barbarossa' attack on the Soviet Union in July 1941. 5 completely new tank crew figures and a reconfigured vehicle compared to the Afrika Korps version."
"MG34 Machine Gun Team
Fallschirmjager machine gunner and his 'spotter' laying down a belt of covering fire from their MG34 gun."
Flying Officer Andy Mamedoff
Advancing. On the lookout for the Germans!
Sgt Pilot Ginger Lacey
RAF Ground Crew
Hawker Hurricane Mk 1
Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC
Flight Lieutenant Harold 'Mickey' Martin
Nissen / Quonset Hut
Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1
Squadron Leader Douglas Bader
Sergeant Pilot Antoni Glowack
Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding
Flying Officer John 'Pancho' Villa
Hawker Typhoon Mk1B
Rocket Primers
Rocket Handler
Sitting Airman
Typhoon Pilot
Flight Sergeant
"Der Fuehrer (1944)
Our latest version is the ""late war"" Fuehrer-clad in the familiar greatcoat and deep in thought --- pondering perhaps his own and Germany's ultimate fate."
Sergeant Pilot George Unwin
Sepp Dietrich
"'Road Block'
Two 'Feldgendarmes' have dismounted their motorcycle and are setting up an identity check of civilians."
As the leading trooper prepares to ""torch"" the opposition his bodyguard covers his back."
Heinrich Himmler
"The Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler
Dressed in a simple brown-shirt uniform, Hitler stands giving his famous, almost horizontal, salute"
Kriegsmarine Sailor Marching with Rifle
Obergruppenfuhrer 'Sepp' Dietrich Commanding Officer of the LAH
Gun Crew Set No 1
Flak 41 88mm Gun
Flying Officer 'Moggy' Cattermole and Reilly
Stug III Ausf G
Soviet T34/76 (3A POAHHY)
105mm Field Gun Set
Field Marshal Albert Kesselring
Afrika Korps Volkswagen
Universal Carrier
M3 Grant Cruiser Tank
Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein
Airborne 6lb Anti Tank Gun Set
Mounted Mussolini
Jochen Peiper
Flight Lieutenant Sandy Johnstone
" Combat Leader
Cautiously moving forward with his PPSh-41 Burp"" gun at the ready."""
Hauptmann Anton “Toni" Hackl
Luftwaffe Ground Crew
Major Rudolf “Rudi” Sinner
Opel Maultier Flakwagen
Luftwaffe General Erhard Milch
Walking Officer
Capt. Nick Magura
Marching Officer with Sword
Army Air Corps Mechanics
Flight Lieutenant Les Munro
RAF Kneeling Armourer
Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid V.C.
Air Marshal Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris
Wing Commander J.E. Johnnie Johnson
Major Walter "Nowi" Novotny
Air Vice Marshal Arthur Coningham
Marching Airman with Rifle
SS Officer w/Sword
KC-RA The Red Army
Soldier Holding burp gun
Kneeling Firing Rifle
RAF Airfield Starter Cart Set
The Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Regimental Band
Female Shooter
Sitting burp gunner
Kneeling w/ Rifle
Major Heinz Bar
SS Officer Saluting
"D Day Minus One
Three US Army Rangers wait to board their Landing Craft for France"
SS Bannerman Goose-Stepping
British 25 Pounder Field Gun
Werner Molder’s Messerschmitt Bf109 “Emil”
Generalleutnant Adolf Galland
Major Werner Molders
Ground Crew Set
Werner Molder’s Messerschmitt Bf109 “Emil”
Captain Brett Cutler
Goose-stepping SS Man
B-24A Liberator
Wehrmacht Marching Rifleman
1:72nd Corgi Scale die-cast model of a North American P-51b Mustang, USAAF 359th Fighter Group, 370th Fighter Squadron. Piloted by Ray Wetmore out of RAF East Wretham, England in 1944. The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang was a long-range single-seat
"FW 190
The Lockheed P-38 Lightning was a World War II American fighter aircraft. It was designed in 1937 as a high-altitude interceptor. The P-38 was used most extensively and successfully in the Pacific Theater of Operations and the China-Burma-India Theater of
Avro Lancaster I, November 1942
Das Reich Division, Sturmbannfuhrer, "Edmund"
SS Flag Bearer Marching
SS Rifleman Marching
"Tiger Tank '007' with 3 Panzer Crew 'Michel Wittman's Last Tiger'
This great new tank model boasts a fully elevating main gun ... realistic battle-worn paint finish ... plus Michel Wittman and two panzer crew figures"
The North American B-25 Mitchell medium bomber was used by many Allied air forces in every theater of World War II and by many other air forces after the war ended, seeing service across four decades. It is named after General Billy Mitchell, a pioneer of
"Assassination of Heydrich
This particular set depicts the actual moment of the attack on Heydrich when he was fatally injured by the bomb thrown by one of the assassins. The set includes Heydrich, his SD driver and the two Czech patriots Jan Kubis and Jo"
British Sherman Firefly
"Standing German Officer Saluting
Dressed in full 'fighting order' this young Wehrmacht officer gives the soldier's salute."
Standing German Guard
Marching German Officer
Marching German Soldier
"German T34
During 1941 and 1942 the Germans captured massive amounts of Russian arms and equipment. So enamoured were the Germans with the T34 that they incorporated hundreds into service with minimal changes. These included additional side skirts, some e"
"'The Fuehrer's Last Fighter'
One of Hitler's ""wonder weapons"" was the Focke-Wulf 'Rammjager', a jet piloted by members of the Hitler Jugend. Pilots were to literally ram their aircraft into large formations of enemy bombers before ejecting, if possible. A"
"SdKfz. 252 Transporter
The Luftwaffe version of this little half track tractor can pull the Focke-Wolf 'Rammjager' and it's trolley (see WSS 100 The Fuhrer's Last Fighter). Vehicle includes Luftwaffe airman in the top hatch."
"88mm Flak 18
'The Flak 18 (sf1.) auf Zugkraftwagen' This 12 ton monster mounted the 88mm on an armoured half track prime mover body. Complete with 5 Wehrmacht Artillerymen and is in a typical mid to late European 3 tone camouflaged"
GMC 'Jimmy' 2.5 Ton Truck with 3 Crew Members
Die-cast model of a Messerschmitt BF 109E, Ace Oberlutant Herbert Ihlefeld, 1(J)/LG. Ihlefeld a Luftwaffe recipient of Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords claimed 132 enemy planes shot down during his WWII service. He fought in the
"Normandy Kubelwagen
Late war version of this popular version, includes three figures: seated driver, Panzer Officer and standing Panzer Grenadier NCO all from the 1st SS 'Leibstandarte'"
Dietrich on Parade
"Hitler Jugend, Boy Marching
A young 14 year old, his military back pack in place, on the march"
"'Normandy' Rommel
Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel is inspecting the 'beach defences' on Hitler's vaunted 'Festung Europa'"
"Discussing the War
An East Prussian Party official from the local Gauleiter's office listens to a highly decorated Panzer officer."
Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler
"Baldur Von Shirach
Head of the Hitlerjugend and Gauleiter of Vienna"
"Konstantin Hieri
Konstantin Hieri was the Reicharbeitsfuhrer of the paramilitary German Labour Service."
"Dr Robert Ley
He was the Head of the German Labour Front"
Mounted SS Guidon Bearer
"Gen Hasso von Manteuffel
Commanded the famous 'Grossdeutschland' Division in 1944, standing next to his tripod-mounted telescope"
"Mounted SS Trooper
On parade the LAH Drum horse was usually accompanied by a mounted SS cavalry detachment"
"'Das Reich' Banner Bearer
Panzer Officer in black uniform with the Divisional Banner"
The M26 entered service in 1943 and was used extensively and virtually exclusively by US Armoured Forces in the latter part of the war. This same armoured tractor vehicle was also utilized (with a massive trailer attached) as a tank transporter. Four full
"British Sherman Firefly
Mounted with the 76 mm gun, the Sherman is in the markings of 'B' Squadron: 2nd Armoured Battalion of the Irish Guards, complete with 2 crew, detachable radio antenna and a 'back pack' of extra supplies"
"Monty in Normandy
'Monty' is typically dressed and wearing his double badged black beret and a RAF leather flying jacket"
Normandy LCVP Landing Craft (#PA26-22)
Omar Bradley the "soldier's general" inspecting the troops
As one GI prepares to throw his grenade the other guy with the rifle gets ready to “cover” him.
M7 Priest SPG It mounts the classic 105mm field piece and comes with a vehicle commander.
"Marching Ranger
Rifle slung over his shoulder this GI heads for the Landing Craft"
"Reichsmarchal Hermann Goering
Chief of the Luftwaffe and once the Fuhrer's closest confidante, in one of his self designed uniforms"
"General Oberst Heinz Guderian
The 'Master and Teacher' of Panzer warfare"
"Weapons Carrier
A Weapon Carrier being unloaded and weapons distributed by a shouting Fallschirmjager"
"Fallschirmlager Bugler
Bugles are simple and easy to use on the Battlefield to help and organize widely dispersed landing forces"
"Reichsfurer Heinrich Himmler
A standing saluting figure of 'Reichsheini' as he was called, behind his back, in the SS."
"Hitler and His Dog
Hitler wearing his simple field gray jacket adorned with his party badge, Iron Cross First Class, Imperial German Wound Badge and black trousers. By his side is his faithful German Shepherd 'Blondi'"
"Kriegsmarine Sailor Flag Bearer
Carrying the Reich 'Battle Ensign'"
Kriegsmarine Sailor Marching with Rifle
"The July Bomb Plot
Col Claus von Stauffenburg places his bomb laden briefcase close to Hitler as he studied the operational maps at his headquarters in the 'Wolf's Lair' on the 20th July 1944. Included are General Gunther Karten: Field Marshall Wilhelm Ke"
In the weeks and months following D. Day German vehicles found it increasingly difficult to move undetected along French roads. Infantry moved forwards (and backwards) by the traditional method on foot. An NCO leads two of his riflemen to th"
"Hitler Jugend Panther Ausf A
The 'Panther' is covered in 'zimmerit' paste and battle worn, complete with two crew members."
"'Despatch Rider'
Feldgendarme on his BMW motorcycle delivering an important message"
"Waffen SS Officer with Sword
This 2nd SS 'Das Reich' armoured division officer in full Panzer black uniform"
"Panzer Tank Ace
This confident officer is wearing Italian camouflage trousers with his black uniform jacket"
"Panzer Feldgendarme
Like all German military units the Panzer Korps had their own 'Field Police' This one carries the MP40 Machine Pistol (Schmeisser)"
"Standing Tank Officer
Wearing the distinctive all black tank uniform this officer is assessing the situation"
"SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Hans Weiss
One of the Germany's best-known tank-aces and commanders. He was later promoted to Obersturmbannfuhrer"
"Tiger Mk I
This latest version of the Tiger Mk I is in the markings of the 2nd SS Division 'Das Reich' as it appeared during the baatle of Kursk in 1943. The two colour camouflage is typical of this period and the vehicle comes with two crew figures and a"
"Additional German Tankers
Two tank crew complete with 'jerricans' full of fuel and water"
Mounting a massive 128mm gun, weighing 70 tons less than 100 of these heavy monsters were actually produced. The model is in a battle weary version comes in a realistic two colour late war camouflage and is one of the 'Henschel Production' model"
"General and Adjutant
A standing Wehrmacht General confers with his Army adjutant."