Video documentaries

Number Title Director Producer
1 Battlefield. The battle for Normandy. The push for Caen.   Cromwell Productions
2 Β' Παγκόσμιος Πόλεμος 1939-1945, οι κυριότερες εικόνες. 22. Στις ακτές της Νορμανδίας.   IMG Entertainment, NM Productions
3 The lost empire - envy of the world.   Discovery Channel
4 Byzantium: the lost empire - building the dream. Johnston Ron Discovery Channel
5 Αδόλφος Χίτλερ. Ένα ιστορικό ντοκουμέντο. Μέρος 1ο-μέρος 14ο. Από την γέννηση στην άνοδο και την πτώση του πατέρα του Ναζισμού.   Bright Star Publishing
6 British Campaigns. Italy 1943-1945.   DD Video
7 Battle for Warsaw. Batty Peter Oracle
8 Operation Barbarossa. Batty Peter Oracle
9 Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack. Wolinger Kirk National Geographic
10 Battlefield. The battle for the Crimea.   Cromwell Productions
11 De Nuremberg a Nuremberg. Rossif Frederic Editions Montparnasse
12 Battlefield. The battle of Kursk. Operation Citadel and the fight for Kharkov.   Cromwell Productions
13 The Fog of War. Morris Errol Sony Pictures
14 Battlefield. The siege of Leningrad.   Cromwell Productions
15 Battlefield. The west wall.   Cromwell Productions
16 Battlefield. Air war over Germany. The bomber offensive, the destruction of the Luftwaffe.   Cromwell Productions
17 Battlefield. Manchuria - the forgotten victory. Russia's war against Japan.   Cromwell Productions
18 Great Battles of WW II. The early Pacific battles. Guadalcanal, the island of death. Pacific turning point. Pearl Harbor.   Marathon Music & Video
19 WW II Battlefront.   Madacy Entertainment
20 The Encyclopedia of WW II.   Madacy Entertainment
21 Crusade in the Pacific.   Madacy Entertainment
22 Saving the Tiger. The story of Tiger 131.   The Tank Museum
23 Battlefield. The battles for Tunisia.   Cromwell Productions
24 The Road to War.   BBC
25 The Gulf War.   BBC
26 The great events of our century. Politics of viloence. Death & glory.   Madacy Entertainment
27 Brother Against Brother. The stories of the greatest civil wars in history. The American civil war. The English civil war. The Spanish civil war.   Kultur
28 The Vietnam \War.   Odeon Entertainment
29 Vietnam War.   CBS, Marathon Music & Video
30 Secrets of War. Bold strikes.   The History Channel
31 Secrets of War. Wealth & power.   The History Channel
32 Secrets of War. Bio & nuclear warfare.   The History Channel
33 Secrets of War. Air wars.   The History Channel
34 Air War Vietnam. A pilot's view of combat over Vietnam.   Boulevard
35 Secrets of War. Korea.   The History Channel
36 Β' Παγκόσμιος Πόλεμος 1939-1945, οι κυριότερες εικόνες. 19. Σφαγή στο Λένινγκραντ.   IMG Entertainment, NM Productions
37 The Six Day War.   Cromwell Productions
38 The Gulf War 1991.   Cromwell Productions
39 Korean War Stories. Uth Robert PBS
40 The Spanish Civil War.    
41 War in the Desert. The true stories behind the Gulf War 1191, the Six Day War 1967 and the battle of El Alamein 1942.   Eagle Media
42 Uncovered: the whole truth about the Iraq war. Greenwald Robert Disinformation
43 Byzantium: the lost empire -forever and ever. Jhonston Ron Discovery Channel
44 Napoleon's obsession: the quest for Egypt. Rowley Christopher Discovery Channel
45 Napoleon's lost fleet. Morowitz Noah Discovery Channel
46 Secrets of War. Vietnam.   The History Channel
47 The War Archive Collection. Germany at war 1941-1943.   Artsmagic DVD
48 Β' Παγκόσμιος Πόλεμος 1939-1945, οι κυριότερες εικόνες. 27. Μάχη ανάμεσα σε δύο ποταμούς.   IMG Entertainment, NM Productions
49 The Battle of the Bulge. World War ll's Deadlist Battle   The american experience
50 Archives of War. Volume 1. World War I and the interwar years. World War II-the leaders.   MPI
51 Der Nurnberger Prozess   Spiegel TV
52 Saipan-Island of doom June 1945 Viallet Serge Oracle
53 Hitler's War.   Eagle Media
54 Japan's War in colour.   Warner vision international
55 Allies at War   MPI
56 D-Day to Berlin. Stevens George Warner Bros
57 D-DAY. Code Name: Overlord   Marathon Music&Video
58 The War Archive Collection. Germany at war 1943-1945.   Artsmagic DVD
59 Line of Fire. The Battle of the Bulge   Cromwell Productions. Pegasus
60 The War Archive Collection. Germany at war 1918-1941.   Artsmagic DVD
61 World War II. The war in Europe. Horan Don The History Channel
62 The last days of WW II. May 6-May 12.   The History Channel
63 The last days of WW II. April 29-May 5.   The History Channel
64 Our century. Showdown at Leyte Gulf.   The History Channel
65 Hitler's lost plan.   The History Channel
66 Pacific: the lost evidence. Guam.   The History Channel
67 Pacific: the lost evidence. Leyte.   The History Channel
68 Pacific: the lost evidence. Saipan.   The History Channel
69 Unsolved mysteries of World War II.   Madacy Entertainment
70 Assassinez Hitler. Operation Foxley. Le projet top secret des Britanniques pour tuer Hitler.   MGM, BBC, Montparnasse
71 Β' Παγκόσμιος Πόλεμος 1939-1945, οι κυριότερες εικόνες. 15. Από τη βόρεια Αφρική στη νότια Ευρώπη.   IMG Entertainment, NM Productions
72 Battlefield. The battles that won the Second World War. Series two.   Universal Pictures
73 Battlefield. The battles that won the Second World War. Series one.   Universal Pictures
74 Iwo Jima 36 days of hell. The true story.   Timeless Media Group
75 Δουνκέρκη. Ο πόλεμος του αιώνα: όταν ο Χίτλερ πολέμησε τον Στάλιν. Η μάχη του Ατλαντικού. Holmes Alex BBC
76 Τρόμος στην Ανατολή. Πεδία μάχης. Ώρα μηδέν: 6/6/1944. Dala Richard BBC
77 Βερολίνο, ώρα μηδέν. Άουσβιτς: οι Ναζί και η "τελική λύση". Sutherland Dominic, Balazova Martina, Siebert Detlet BBC
78 Death & destruction in the Falaise Gap.   Simply Home Entertainment
79 Horror in the East.   BBC
80 The Battle of the Java Sea. 27th february 1942-end of an Era Coppen Niek Oracle
81 Line of Fire. The battle of Berlin.   Cromwell Productions, Pegasus
82 Utopia.   Panorama Entertainment
83 World War II. Prelude to war & the Nazis strike. The battle of Midway-Global war. The Normandy invasion-The victory. To the shores of Iwo Jima-The battling bastards of Bataan. The world at war-December 7th. The battle of China & war comes to America. The Capra Frank Goodtimes
84 Hell in the Pacific. Lewis Jonathan Carlton
85 1945 The real story. Dickin Paul BBC
86 Battle for the Skies. Voices of the battle of Britain. Vigar Bruce Leading Eagle
87 Unsolved mysteries of World War II.   Madacy Entertainment
88 Unsolved mysteries of World War II.   Madacy Entertainment
89 Medal of Honor World War II. True stories of America's greatest war heroes. Duncan Patrick Hallmark
90 The Hidden Truth of World War ll. 1-Alamein. 2-Battle of Britain. 3-Battle of the Bulge. 4-Breakout from Normandy. 5-Crossing the Rhine. 6-Operation Market Garden. 7-Stalingrad. 8-Liberation of Paris.   Military History
91 Beyond the movie- Pearl Harbor   National Geographic
92 D-Day to Berlin. The Allies' journey to victory.   BBC
93 Tanks! The evolution of a legend 1939-1945. Volume One.   Magna Pacific
94 The French Revolution.   The History Channel
95 Tanks!. The evolution of a legend 1939-1945. Sturmgeschutze & Panzerjaeger.   Cromwell Productions, Pegasus
96 German jets & V1 and V2 flying bombs of WW2.   Artsmagic
97 Panzers at War.   Cromwell Productions
98 Tanks! Armoured battles of World War Two. The Ardennes offensive.   Cromwell Productions, Pegasus
99 Target Berlin. P-51 Mustang Bomber Escorts. Moore Paulette DD Home Entertainment, Discovery Wings
100 Battleships at War.   Pegasus
101 Weapons of War. Guns. An explosive tour of the deadliest weapons ever created.   The History Channel
102 Famous bombers of World War II. Volume One.   Columbia River Entertainment Group
103 Air War Volume 1. Great birds of WW II, P-38 flight characteristics, collecting & reporting enemy activity.   IMD
104 Tanks! The evolution of a legend 1939-1945. Volume Two.   Magna Pacific
105 Thunder Birds of World War II. Spitfire meeting the threat. Stuka whistling death.   Delta Music, Laserlight
106 Secrets of War. Weapons. Weapons of the Shadow War. Secret weapons of the Third Reich.   The History Channel
107 Dive bombers and combat aircraft of WW2.   Artsmagic
108 A Buthcher Bird's Tale. The story of one Focke Wulf 190. Drew Perkins W., McArdle Terry DD Home Entertainment, Discovery Wings
109 Famous fighters of WW II. Volume Two.   Columbia River Entertainment Group
110 Famous fighters of WW II. Volume One.   Columbia River Entertainment Group
111 Guns that won the West.   Similar
112 The Complete History of Air Combat.   Madacy Home Video
113 War Planes! The evolution of military aviation. Gehlen, Hitler's superspy. Top gun over Moscow. Spies that fly. Battle of the X-planes.   Nova, WGBH Boston Video
114 The Royal Air Force Collection. Wellington/Mosquito/Tempest/Lancaster/Hurricane/Typhoon/Spitfire at war.   DD Video
115 Tanks! The evolution of a legend 1939-1945. Volume Three.   Magna Pacific
116 B-17 Flying Fortress. Battle stations.   The History Channel
117 Kleine Odysee. Der Luftangriff auf den Hafen von Piraus.   Vox Libri
118 Mail Call. The best of Season 1.   The History Channel
119 The Sorrow and the Pity Woody Allen  
120 Military Vehicles on Duty.   Delta Music
121 The Nazi War Machine.   DD Home Entertainment
122 The Second World War volume VII. Snipers, The Fallschirmager. Garofalo Robert Academy
123 Sinking the Supership. Axelrod David Nova, WGBH Boston Video
124 Flottes au combat. Navires de guerre. Les derniers cuirasses.   TF1 Video, Fortitude
125 The Siegfried Line.   Pegasus
126 Tanks!. The evolution of a legend 1939-1945. Sturmartillerie.   Cromwell Productions, Pegasus
127 Fire Power 11-20.    
128 Spitfire. Garofalo Robert Classic Pictures
129 German military vehilces inc. armoured cars & half tracks.   Artsmagic
130 Stug III & IV assault guns.   Artsmagic
131 Bombers & bombing raids 1939-1942.   Artsmagic
132 Aircraft of WW II. Secret Luftwaffe.   The History Channel
133 The Modern Encyclopedia of Armor. Anti-tank weapons.   Artsmagic
134 The Encyclopedia of Modern Armor. The medium tank.   Artsmagic
135 Top Guns. Bombers.   Madacy Entertainment
136 The Royal navy at War Film Collection. 1940-1943. The fleet air arm. Naval instructional films. Know your own navy.   Imperial War Museum
137 Semper Fidelis. The United States Marines in World War II.   Marathon Music & Video
138 Infantry Firepower. Scorched earth.   Cromwell Productions
139 The Battle of Britain. The true story behind the aircraft that won it.   Delta Entertainment
140 Hell's Battlefield. Kursk-D-Day. Battle of the Bulge.   The History Channel
141 Battle stations. B26 Marauder!   The History Channel
142 Tales of the gun. German small arms of WW II.   The History Channel
143 Tales of the gun: Japanese guns of WW II.   The History Channel
144 German fighter aircraft of WW 2 1942-1945.   Artsmagic
145 "Memphis Belle". The untold story.   Beckmann Visual Publishing
146 Hummel. Mobile heavy artillery.   Artsmagic
147 Air Strike.   Columbia River Entertainment Group
148 Stukas of the Sea. German speedboats in World War II.   Oracle
149 Riyal Navy at War in colour. A sailor's view.   DD Home Entertainment
150 The Panzer.   Pegasus
151 Guns the gods of war.   Delta Entertainment
152 American War Eagles. The Chance Vought F4U Corsair. Thunder from the skies.   Delta Music, Laserlight
153 Airpower. Die Luftwaffe im 2. Weltkrieg. Teil 2. Vom angriff auf Japan bis hin zur Vernichtung der Japanischen Luftwaffe.   Warner Bros, Eagle Media, Black Hill Pictures
154 The secret wars of spies.    
155 We were heroes. 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) Vietnam.   Madacy Home Video
156 Οι μέρες που συγκλόνισαν τον κόσμο. 56 μέρες που διαμόρφωσαν την παγκόσμια ιστορία. 3ο DVD. 5. Χιροσίμα. 6. Η δολοφονία των Ρομανώφ και η πτώση του τείχους του Βερολίνου. 7 Η νύχτα των κρυστάλλων και η γέννηση του Ισραήλ. Young Nic, Wortman Matthew, Cameron Angus, Bennett Stephen, Barlett David et. Al. BBC
157 The Falklands War. 25th anniversary collection.   Pegasus Entertainment
158 Sino-Japanese War 1937-1945.    
159 Korean war in color.   Goldhill
160 Nazi plan to bomb New York.   The History Channel
161 American War Eagles. Boeing B-29 Superfortress. Wings of destruction.   Delta Music, Laserlight
162 Canonieres & vedettes rapides.   Fortitude, TF1 Video
163 La violencia del poter. Los doce anos de Balaguer. Fortunato Rene Videocine Palau
164 You Are Here. Two dramatic flights. The first flight of the Wright Brothers. The last hours of the Graf Spee. Gage Jack, Russell William D. CBS News, Woodhaven Entertainment
165 Great German Battleships of World War Two.   Pegasus
166 Panzer IV. Germany's WW2 heavy tank.   Artsmagic
167 Panzer I & II. Germany's WW2 light tanks.   Artsmagic
168 Panzer III. Germany's WW2 medium tank.   Artsmagic
169 Gladiators of World War II. The Kamikazes. Norwegian resistance. The Anzacs. The free French. The Chindits. The Royal Navy. The paras and commandos. RAF Fighter Command. The SAS. Waffen SS. Special Operations Executive. Free Polish forces. The desert rats   Oracle
170 Aviation at War. B-24 Liberator at war.   Instant Vision
171 Guns of the Wehrmacht 1933-1945.   Artsmagic
172 Dead men's secrets. Secrets of Hitler's wonder weapons.   The History Channel
173 Real Life Heroes. Elite Forces.   Odeon Entertainment
174 Lancaster bombers.   Delta Music
175 Grumman Hellcat F6F.   Program Power Entertainment, AIX Entertainment
176 Top Guns. Attack aircraft.   Madacy Entertainment
177 War planes of World War II.   The History Channel
178 German support aircraft & gliders.   Artsmagic
179 Stormtroopers. Hitler's infamous shock troops of World War II.   Pegasus
180 The Battleships. The complete story of the evolution of the Battleship and its role in shaping the world. Butt Peter Laserlight
181 Human Weapon. Military combat.   The History Channel
182 Kill or be killed.   DD Home Entertainment
183 Gas Attack. Gas and chemical weapons in the First and Second World Wars.   DD Home Entertainment
184 B-17 Flying Legend. Feijo Mark Janson Media
185 Snipers. The story of the sniping war.   Pegasus
186 Geheim-akte Hess.   Lebenswissen Verlag
187 Why We Fight World War II. Prelude to war & the Nazis strike. Capra Frank Frank Capra, Dood Times
188 To Hell and Back. Hibbs Jesse Universal Pictures
189 Hitler, une carriere.    
190 La vie d'Adolf Hitler. Rotha Paul  
191 Winston Churchill.   The History Channel
192 The story of Adolf Hitler.   Delta
193 Hitler's Fixer. The true story of Hitler's deputy Martin Bormann.   Delta
194 Un specialiste. Portrait d'un criminel moderne. Brauman Rony, Sivan Eyal Montparnasse
195 Death in the Bunker. The true story of Hitler's downfall. Kloft Michael Koch Vision
196 Great battles of the Great War. Skelding Ed Ed Skelding Productions/Tyne Tees Television
197 Adolf & Eva.   Delta
198 The Great War. The complete history of World War I. Vigar Bruce Jules Gammond, Tim Exell
199 Howard Hughes. The real aviator. Schwartz Bill Shout Factory, Schwartz & Co
200 Das geheime Filmarchiv der Eva Braun.   Polar Film
201 Stalin. From revolution to superpower. Kaminski Hartmut Capriccio Digital
202 Great Generals vol. 2.   Kit Parker Films, VCI Entertainment
203 The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler. Black fox. Stoumen Luis Clyde White Star
204 Warlords. The Generals.   Home Box Office
205 Heroes of World War II. The great leaders. Volume 5.   Elstree Hill Entertainment
206 Herman Goering. Ambition without concience.   Magna Pacific
207 Blindspot: Hitler's secretary. Heller Andre, Schmiderer Othmar Sony Pictures
208 der Berghof. Hitler ganz privat.   ZeitReisen
209 The Architecture of Doom. The Nazi philosophy of beauty through violence. Cohen Peter First Run Features
210 Shootout. WW II assault on Germany.   The History Channel
211 Steinerne Dokumente des III. Reiches. Teil 2. Hitlers Ordensburgen.   Zeit Reisen
212 "Rader mussen rollen fur den Sieg". Die Reichsbahn im Kriegseinsatz.   Polar Film
213 The occult history of the Third Reich. The enigma of the swastika.   Madacy Entertainment
214 The occult history of the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler.   Madacy Entertainment
215 Night of the Long Knives.   The History Channel
216 Dead men's secrets. German death trap.   The History Channel
217 Dead men's secrets. Plotting to kill Hitler.   The History Channel
218 High Hitler.   The History Channel
219 14-18 The noise and the fury. Delassus Jean-Francois Kaleidoscope
220 Night and fog. Resnais Alain Nouveaux Pictures
221 Heroes of World War II. The great leaders. Volume 2.   Elstree Hill Entertainment
222 Extravaganzas of the Third Reich.   Oracle
223 Investigative Reports. Nazi's secret killing squads.   A&E Home Video
224 Mein Kampf.   Kit Parker Films
225 "The Reichsorchester". The Berlin Philarmonic and the Third Reich. Sachez Lansch Enrique Art Haus Musik
226 Das Dritte Reich privat. Leben und Uberleben.   Polar Film
227 Weltanschauung und Organisaton.   Polar Film
228 Die Geheimwaffen des Dritten Reiches.   Polar Film
229 The home front. The German people in wartime 1939-1945.   Oracle
230 4 years of thunder. The real story of aerial warfare in World War I. Carruthers Bob Magna Pacific
231 Propaganda. The war of the mind.   Pegasus Entertainment
232 Spitfire aces    
233 Harlan Jew Suss  
234 The Battle For Normandy    
235 The Third Reich at War    
236 Bomber Harris John Thaw  
237 Μεγαλοι Συμμαχοι - Αντιπαλοι    
238 Nazi Hunters alisdair Simpson Kaleidoscope
239 the Battle of Caen and the Fallaise Gap    
240 Hitler's Museum    
241 German Army in Normandy. 12th Hitlerjugend Panzer Division Tim Saunder Richard Hone Pen @ Sword
242 Heroes of World War II. The great leaders. Volume 4.   Elstree Hill Entertainment
243 "Tankies" Tank Heroes of WWII    
244 La Conquete des Balkans    
245 The War In Extraordinary Times, There are no Ordinary Lives 1041-1945 Ken Burns PBS Home video
246 wagner's mastersinger Hitler's Siegfried Eric Schulz @ Claus Wischmann  
247 Cinema Komunisto    
248 Pilots of The Battle of Britain    
249 The story of Bomber Command 1939-1945   Delta
250 World War II Angels of Death   Discovery Civilization
251 A Film Unfinished Yael Hersonski Oscill scope
252 Russian Battles of World War II   Discovery Civilization
253 The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler: Leading Millions Into the Abyss Laurence Rees  
254 The Third Reich an Occult History    
255 Hitler in his own words. Wignall James Wignall James
256 Gestapo Hitler's secret police.   Pegasus
257 Mythos Rommel. Remy Maurice Philip Polar Film
258 El Che. Investigating a legend.   White Star
259 The great aviator Howard Hughes. His life, loves & films. A documentary.   Delta Entertainment
260 Mussolini. Italy's nightmare.   A&E Television
261 The wonderful horrible life of Leni Riefenstahl. Muller Ray Omega Film, Nomad Films, Channel Four etc
262 Heroes of World War II. The great leaders. Volume 1.   Elstree Hill Entertainment
263 The last of the Hitlers. Howard David, Roberts Madoc Capricorn Media & Entertainment
264 The Napoleon murder mystery. Rowley Christopher Discovery Channel
265 Lancaster Voices    
266 Charles de Gaulle. Un destin francais. Delannoy Gilles EMI
267 Classic Cackpits. Flying the Avro Lancaster    
268 The Third Reich In Power    
269 The coming of The Third Reich    
270 Αγωνες των Ελληνων. 1897-1947 Malouxou- papagiannidi  
271 Count Down to WWII. Mengele Twins in Brazil    
272 Nazi Gospels. The legions aspects of Nazi ideologies. SS and "religions" rites    
273 Narrow Escapes of WWII    
274 Last War Heroes    
275 The Nazi Titanic    
276 Das Himmler - Projekt Romuald Karmakar  
277 Heroes of World War II. The great leaders. Volume 3.   Elstree Hill Entertainment
278 The hidden Fuhrer. Debating the enigma of Hitler's sexuality. Bailey Fenton, Barbato Randy, Rotello Gabriel World of Wonder
279 World War II. Volume Three. The battle of Russia, the battle of China. Capra Frank Madacy Entertainment
280 The Occult History of the Third Reich. The SS blood and soil.   Madacy Entertainment
281 The World at War 5/12.   Thames, Freemantle Media
282 The World at War 4/12.   Thames, Freemantle Media
283 The World at War 3/12.   Thames, Freemantle Media
284 The World at War 2/12.   Thames, Freemantle Media
285 The World at War 1/12.   Thames, Freemantle Media
286 Der Kampf um Osterreich. Von den letzten Schlachten zum Neubeginn.   Polar Film
287 Secrets of War. Spy games of WW II.   The History Channel, Image Entertainment
288 Secrets of War. WWII Battle set. Battle of the Atlantic. The battle of Britain.   The History Channel, Image Entertainment
289 The World at War 7/12.   Thames, Freemantle Media
290 Secrets of War. Intelligence. The Ultra Enigma. Women spies in World War II.   The History Channel, Image Entertainment
291 World War II. War in the Pacific. Vols 1-3.   CBS, Marathon Music & Video
292 Silent Wings. The American glider pilots of WW II. Child Robert Inecom
293 Waffen-SS. Hitler's elite fighting force.   Pegasus
294 Untold stories of WW II. Three secrets that changed the war.   National Geographic
295 The battle of the Atlantic.   BBC
296 Okinawa. The last battle.   The History Channel
297 The battle for Midway. The discovery of the U.S.S. Yorktown.   National Geographic
298 Our Century. Battles that doomed Hitler.   The History Channel
299 Battlefields.   BBC
300 Stalingrad. Del holle entkommen: uberlebende berichten.   Eagle Media, Warner Bros, Black Hill Pictures GMBH
301 Secrets of War. Nazi warfare. "Sitzkrieg", the phony war. The French resistance.   The History Channel, Image Entertainment
302 The Dambusters. Johnstone Garry Channel 4
303 The Tiger Files.   Wide Angle
304 Dead Men's Secrets. Revenge! Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich.   The History Channel
305 Battlefield. The battle for Caen.   Magna Pacific
306 The Bloody 100th. The 100th Bomb Group and the road to Dresden. Moore Derick Discovery Wings
307 British Campaigns. Western Desert 1940-1943.   DD Video
308 The Great Escapes of WW II. Kirk Robert The History Channel
309 Tod im Fuhrerbunker. Die wahre Geschichte von Hitlers Untergang.   Spiegel TV
310 Britain at War - Home Guard.   Castle Home Video
311 Unsolved mysteries of World War II.   Madacy Entertainment
312 The World at War 6/12.   Thames, Freemantle Media
313 The Russian Front 1941-1945.   Cromwell Productions
314 The Russian German War. Part II. The killing ground.   Oracle
315 Heroes of World War II.   Koch Vision
316 Β' Παγκόσμιος Πόλεμος, οι μεγάλες στιγμές. 1. Σαμποτάζ και ανορθόδοξος πόλεμος. 3. SAS, οι καταδρομείς που έγραψαν ιστορία.   BBC
317 Battle for Cassino. Batty Peter Oracle
318 The Great Battles of World War II. Battle of Russia.   Madacy Entertainment
319 Great blunders of WW II. Martin Jonathan The History Channel
320 Wings over the Pacific.   Discovery Channel
321 South Atlantic Battle.    
322 World War II. It happened in color.   Universe Laser & Video Co
323 Air Power. The riveting stories of World War II air combat. Vols 1-3.   CBS, Marathon Music & Video
324 World War Two behind closed doors. Stalin, the Nazis and the West. Rees Lawrence, Williams Andrew BBC
325 Nazis: the occult conspiracy. Atjinson Tracy, Baran Joan Discovery Channel
326 Price for peace. From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki. Moll James Dreamworks Home Entertainment
327 The battle of Hood and Bismarck.   DD Video
328 Going for broke.   Questar
329 Gladiators of Worl War II. The free French.   Oracle
330 The attack on fort Eben-Emael. Assault from the air 10 May 1940. Mauder Wolf D., Sessner Sigrid Oracle
331 Soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Part one. From North Cape to North Africa. Geiger Karl Heinz Oracle
332 The fall of Berlin.   Arts Magic DVD
333 The Pacific war. Bouyer Rene-Jean Koch Vision
334 Hiroshima. Why the bomb was dropped.   MPI
335 Heroes of Iwo Jima. Lexton Lauren A&E Television
336 Sink the Tirpitz!   Tigress productions, DD Home Entertainment
337 Firestorm. Kloft Michael First Run Features
338 The Nazis. A warning from history. Rees Laurence BBC
339 Hitlers politische bewegung: die NSDAP.   Polar Film
340 Die chroniken des Adolf Hitler.    
341 Die "Braunen" in Farbe. Private Farbfilme aus dem Dritten Reich.   Polar Film
342 Triumph of the Will. Riefenstahl Leni DD Video
343 Hitler's henchmen. Volume two.   ZDF
344 Hitler's warriors.   ZDF
345 Science and the swastika. Evil is the only known result. Baron Saskia, Sen Paul Channel Four, American Home Treasures
346 The doubleheaded eagle. Hitler's rise to power 1918-1933. Becker Litz Kino Video
347 The road to Berlin.   Columbia River Entertainment Group
348 From Remagen to the Elbe.   Artsmagic Ltd
349 Dead Men's Secrets. Escape from Hitler's bunker.   The History Channel
350 The dambusters raid.   Delta Entertainment
351 Ghosts of the Baltic Sea.   Wellspring
352 Finest Hour. The battle of Britain.   PBS
353 Β' Παγκόσμιος Πόλεμος. Οι μεγάλες στιγμές. 4. Οι ποντικοί της Ερήμου. 6. Κομάντος και αλεξιπτωτιστές.   Τα Νέα, BBC
354 Airpower. Die Luftwaffe im 2. Weltkrieg. Teil 1. Vom krieg uber dem Atlantik bis hin zur operation Barbarossa.   Warner Bros, Eagle Media, Black Hill Pictures GMH
355 Operation Gomorrha. The blitz on Hamburg.   Pegasus
356 Barbarossa.   Pegasus
357 Worl War II. The war in the Pacific. Horan Don The History Channel
358 Worl War II in colour. Battleground. Air war.   The History Channel
359 Mein krieg. My private war. Eder Harriet, Kufus Thomas Kino
360 The Eastern Front. The campaign in the East 1944/1945.   Oracle
361 Clash of Wings. Volume 4.   Magna Pacific
362 Clash of Wings. Volume 3.   Magna Pacific
363 Clash of Wings. Volume 2.   Magna Pacific
364 Clash of Wings. Volume 1.   Magna Pacific
365 Line of Fire. Arnhem.   Pegasus
366 Line of Fire. Stalingrad.   Pegasus
367 America's greatest victories. Martin Jonathan The History Channel
368 D-Day Η απόβαση στη Νορμανδία.   Κυριακάτικη Ε
369 War Stories.   HBO
370 Stalingrad.   Synapse Films
371 Feuersturm. Der Bombenkrieg gegen Deutschhland.   Spiegel TV
372 World War II. Countdown to victory. The ultimate timeline.   Time Life
373 The Amazing World of War Machines. Past, present & future.   DV1
374 World War II. Premium war documentary collection. Volume One.   Eq Visuals
375 Panzer. Germany's ultimate war machine.   Arts Magic
376 Ελ Αλαμέιν - Ρίμινι. Το ελληνικό έπος στη Μέση Ανατολή.   Άμυνα & Διπλωματία
377 Voices from Hitler's army.   Kultur
378 Hitler & Mussolini. Eine brutale freundschaft. Schneider Steffen Looks
379 Pearl Harbor. Seven views of defiance.   Universal Laser & Video
380 La guerra del Vietnam #2. El secreto de las armas.   Producciones Naimara
381 War and Civilization. Trombley Stephen, Bulley Tony TLC
382 Air combat today   Arts Magic
383 The Century of Warfare.   The History Channel
384 WW II. The war that changed the world.   Mill Creek Entertainment
385 Der Erste Weltkrieg.   Great Movies
386 American Warriors. The great generals.    
387 Michael Wittmann. Tiger Ace.   Cromwell Productions, Pegasus
388 Vietnam. The ten thousand day war.   Image Entertainment
389 A Century of Warfare. The world at war.   Madacy
390 The American Civil War. Collector's edition.   Madacy
391 The World Wars. The complete history of WW I and WW II.   The History Channel
392 Battlefield Diaries. Extended cut.   Military Channel
393 Combat zone. Massimer Gerald G. Jr Image Entertainment
394 Vietnam War Secrets.   BCI
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475 The life of Hitler.    
476 Hitler in Tibet. Hess on trial.    
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478 Executions.    
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489 December 13th, 1943. "The last birthday". Tsaparas Panos  
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491 Helicopter. Best jet. Best fighter.    
492 Best bombers.    
493 Planes.    
494 Machine guns. USS Virginia. USS Reagan.    
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500 Bismarck.    
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531 Tokyo war criminals trials. Asia at war. History Asia.    
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548 Weapons. Shock & Awe. Combat.    
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627 Pacific: The Lost Evidence. Tarawa.   The History Channel
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686 Executions.    
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690 Yamato. Super subs.    
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692 Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος. Μανθούλης Ροβήρος  
693 Life of Brian.    
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